The Desafio Cumbres Mountain Hardwear is a timed competition by Sky Running, which takes place in the highest mounts of Santiago’s Metropolitan Region. This discipline of running is born by the combination of mountaineering and running. A combination like no other which pushes athletes to the limit, where the objective isn’t only finishing the race, but reaching the peak in the least amount of time possible.

Desafio Cumbres is a very challenging race. It began as an exclusive event, originally only for those invited to participate or by experienced athletes who applied.

Since 2015 the race has opened its doors to the public in efforts of making the whole experience more competitive. The organizers have set up check points which demand minimum times for an athlete to pass through. This way the organizers are impartial to who can continue with the race.

This year the event counts with 3 different categories. Giving more opportunities for new athletes to participant in Desafio Cumbres.